Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Motion of a falling object (Measurement practical)


An object (eg. a rubber ball) is dropped from the 4th floor.

  • Predict the motion of the ball.


As a group, design a experiment to investigate the motion of a ball dropped from the 4th floor. Appoint a group leader and a scribe/photographer for the activity.In your account youshould pay particular attention to

  • the variables you will consider for falling objects,
  • the apparatus you use,
  • the procedure to be followed,
  • any safetyprecautions you would take,

Represent the data collected in a manner that helps you to justify your predication of the motion of a falling object.

Identify the possible error(s) in your experiment.

(Hint: You will probably need to

  • refer to the height measurement task that you did on Monday 7/1/13
  • use Movie app/CoachMVideo app to capture the fall
  • use CoachMVideo app for frame-by-frame and for position/timing)


  • Email completed softcopy writeup before 1159 pm on 13/1/13. We need the data for the lesson on Mon 14/1/13.
  • Complete the questions found here before 14/1/13.


Some suggested apps or tools for writeup:

  • Evernote - type, sketch (with skitch), insert photos, etc
  • Note - type only
  • Pic Collage - difficult to type but very good for visual representation using photos
  • Google Docs - easier to use on laptop/desktop, easy to collaborate on the same document

Using CoachMVideo App


Using google drive to manipulate data

You need a Google account, download iOS google drive and log in.

Create "New Spreadsheet"
Use formulae to compute the new cell value


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