Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Motion of an Object II (Assignment)

1. Download the following video from Dropbox using your iPad (procedure to do that can be found here)

  • Dropbox app -> "Y3 LTL Class" -> "Classroom activities" -> "02 Kinematics" -> "20130125 Motion of an object II"
  • Download "table tennis ball.mp4"
2. Complete the following questions:

  • Determine the ball's positions, distance from the starting point of the motion, clock reading and time interval from the start of the video. Record it in a table with the following column headings. (The centre of the ball begins its motion at the position of 2.7 cm when the clock reading is 0 s, each white line represent 10 cm interval on the metre rule)
  • Describe the motion of the ball qualitatively (i.e., with words)
  • Compare with the assignment you have just completed (refer to here), state the difference(s) between the motion of the table tennis ball and the toy cars.
  • Create a possible motion map of the table tennis ball.
  • Use Graphical Analysis app to determine the linearised relation between the distance from starting point (y-axis) and time interval (x-axis).

3. Find a way to put all your work above in a single document (I would suggest Evernote or some handwriting app that you can insert pictures). This is in anticipation of future larger projects and experiment.

Hint to complete the assignment using CoachMyVideo app
Do you need to capture the positions of the ball at equal position intervals?


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