Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Performance of Understanding - Kinematics (6-12/02/13)

Observing the phenomena

  • Download the 2 videos on your iPad from dropbox (Y3 LTL Class->Assignments->02 Kinematics->02 Assignments Video x.yyy)
  • Observe the motion of the ball in each video. 
  • Post your ideas about the motion of the balls for the following questions HERE.

Research the observed phenomena

Conduct an in-depth study of the 2 motions of the balls using your knowledge of kinematic motion, graphs and equations.

Present your research findings using the lab report format (modified from modelling instruction course material 2007). A sample of a lab report (handwritten version) can be found here.


  • You are advice to spend one and a half hour for this assignment.
  • iMessage me for clarification by 9/2/13.
  • Submit your report as a pdf (type written or neat handwriting using iOS app with any images collected) to me via email by 13/02/13 (Wed).

Technical Advices

Frame-by-Frame analysis using CoachMyVideo
In videos that we film for physics analysis, there is always a reference length (a metre rule, calibrated stick, etc) near to the object in motion. In the 2 videos, the distance between successive markings on the stick is 10 cm.
  • You can use your own ruler to measure the position of the object and make use of proportion to determine the position of the object from a reference point. 
  • You may want to use adhesive tape, that is not too sticky, to secure your ruler to the iPad screen for ease of taking measurements.
iPad apps for collating lab report
  • Penultimate - handwritten notes with ability to attach images and sync with Penultimate
  • Evernote - typewritten report with image attachment. However difficult to write formulae
  • Neu.notes - similar to penultimate but is a paid app
  • Pages - microsoft equivalent for iOS devices. Very expensive!

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